Artesão Molds Create Cookies That WOW!
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About Artesão Molds

Not your grandma's cookie molds!

Artesão's handcrafted 3-dimensional silicone molds breathe new life into the art of cookie molding by creating cookies with personality and style.

Each Artesão mold is first hand sculpted then individually cast from food-safe silicone, ensuring an artist's hand in every step of it's creation. Unlike traditional wooden and ceramic molds,  Artesão flexible molds require no dusting or oiling before use. Simply press dough into the mold, then peel the mold off of the dough and bake.
Detailed instructions on Use & Care page
One mold produces dozens of cookies at a time.
 Artesão Cookie Molds are food-safe flexible silicone. Although oven-safe up to 400˚F, the dough is not intended to be baked in the mold.
  Recipes also available on website.
   Custom Is Our Specialty!
Create one-of-a-kind cookies using a one-of-a-kind cookie mold designed just for you. Perfect for special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Graduations, and more.
It's a great match for DIY wedding couples who desire a cookie that reflects their personality and respects their budget.
With a little creativity almost anything can become cookie!
Find out more about our Custom Molds.