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Mini Thanksgiving Placeholders 
  • Mini Turkey Mold.
  • Cookie dough. Find Recipes or use Artesão Cookie Mix .
  • Filling of choice such as melted chocolate, Nutella or frosting.
  • Spreading knife.
  • Decorations if desired.
  • Name placeholders on toothpicks.
  • *Candy melts (with flat bottoms), with bowls for melting. * This is optional.


1) Mold cookies.

2) Decorate as desired. Find inspiration on our Decorating page.

3) Prep cookies by flattening out feet.

4) Bake as directed.

5) Spread filling of choice on back of one cookie and top it (back to back) with another cookie. If using melted chocolate let filling set. If cookies stand well on their own proceed to step 7, if not go to step 6.

6) Follow candy melt stand directions below. Adult supervision required! Let cookie stands set before step 7.

7) Insert name labels between cookie into filling.

Admire and eat!