Dragonfly Silicone Cookie Mold
Dragonfly Cookie Mold - Artesão Unique & Custom Cookie Molds
Dragonfly Silicone Cookie Mold

Dragonfly Silicone Cookie Mold

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Bring the beauty of nature into your kitchen when you bake elegant dragonfly cookies for your next party. This large Arts and Crafts style Dragonfly Cookie Mold is sure to make a lasting impression on the nature lovers in your life.

Cavity size: 5½” x 4½” Avg. depth: ¼"

Artesão molds are hand sculpted and individually cast in food-safe flexible silicone rubber and come in a gift bag with Recipe and Use & Care instructions.

Artesão molds also work great for chocolate molding, sugar casting, soap and wax crafting, and more.

Note: Depending on the characteristics of the design, molds may have a layered, uneven back. This is indicative of its handmade quality and intentional for optimum cookie demolding. When using for other applications, keep in mind that some molds may not have a flat back.

View our Use & Care page for molding instructions.

Custom designs available.

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