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"I love every mold I have purchased. And customer service is always top notch!" Kristine I.

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Not your grandma's cookie molds!

“Well-made mold is easy to work with and gives great detail. I now have three of these and despite giving the molds a real work-out, they look like new. Susan is a pleasure to work with!” Prancing Pony

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“Best place for custom cookie molds, hands down. It's exactly what I was looking for”. Kurt G.

Custom cookie mold examples. A custom caricature, a custom dog, a custom wedding cookie favor, a custom chapel mold of the Lalande chapel of the popular you tube blog "The Chateau Diaries" in France.

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    "From the very first time I spoke with you I was treated like a million-dollar customer. The customer service is the best I've experienced. Friendly, engaging and ultra-helpful." Bernard H.

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