Artist & Head Honcho

Beginning with the whirligig creatures I created (and sold) in the 4th grade, to my short stint as an art major, and over my ongoing career as a stage actor, art has been the common denominator in my life.  
My love of the arts, however, has always had one persistent rival: a very serious sweet tooth. These two passions not so surprisingly intersected when I started creating themed cookie molds to bake unique opening night treats for cast mates. This perfect melding of art and sweets launched Artesão Unique & Custom Cookie Molds.
It's exciting knowing people use my molds to help celebrate significant occasions as well as life's little "let's make cookies" moments. And I love giving bakers -- novice or pro -- a unique canvas on which to express themselves.
(And, well, I really love cookies.)


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"  Thomas Merton