Artesão Cookie Mix
Artesão Cookie Mix

Artesão Cookie Mix

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If you're searching for that "made from scratch" taste without all the bother, fear not: the cookie cavalry has arrived! Formulated to retain the details of your cookie mold, Artesão Cookie Mix creates yummy sugar/butter cookie dough with ease. You just add butter and water. 

One 23 oz bag of Artesão Cookie Mix produces approximately 40 minis, 17 small, 7 medium, or 5 large cookies.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I love this easy to use mix. I think I’ll try some of the recipes on the video/tutorial site. You are awesome!!!

Maureen C.

Absolutely loved it!

Laurie A.
Best mix

Replenished my mix supply
Making cookies this week
Super fast delivery
I hit send on the order and it was on the way 🤣

Sue R.
First Time User

Used the cookie molds yesterday and they worked like a charm. The cookie mix was also easy to work with. I do not have a stand mixer so I had to use a hand mixer so it came out kind of like crumbs which the instructions said it would. I formed two rounds and chilled it as instructed. When I started to make the cookies, I cut chunks of the dough and worked it in my hands until is was pliable and pressed it into the cookie molds. From that point all I had to do was bake them. They came out perfect and tasted good too.

Debra M.
Delicious and Powerful!

I am impressed with the fist cookie mold and am very pleased that you would take it upon yourself to acknowledge the racial symbolism and the connection of the fist to the Black Lives Matter movement. Thank you very much, Susan!!! As when I purchased my first mold and made my first batch of cookies with your mix, my husband again took a photo of my cookies (the fist this time) and posted it on Facebook. I’ve gotten a number of compliments and we’ve provided your contact information so they could make purchases of their own. Thank you for providing all profits from the sale of the fist protest cookie mold to enhancing the cause of Black Lives Matter! Thank you for being you!

Dear Deborah. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review and for your kind words. Though a small thing on my part, I am thrilled that the Fist Mold has become popular and continues to fund this incredibly important cause.